Giraffe Safari is a built and  licensed tour company , Which has the headquarter office in the cool and famous tourism city (Arusha city), where most of departures to Serengeti, Kilimanjaro and other Northern Circuit Tanzania safari begun. Once you are at the headquarter office in Arusha you will get nice view of Mount Meru which is the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro mountain, The View of Africa we call it. The company founded to offer Incredible adventures to the beautiful wildlife, Landscape and Nature of Tanzania and other African countries including Zanzibar, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Morocco and Egypt.

We proud to know and understand the needs and wants of our clients, We assure that you are travelling safe, experiencing Incredible African Adventures and enjoying your Life time in the land of Africa .

We Are Experts For Your African Incredible Adventures, Let your dream become true with Us.

Our brand name Giraffe Safaris originated from animal called Giraffe . The company Founder and Managing Director (Edwin Kazinja) he spotted Giraffe in Ngorongoro Conservation Area for the first time when he was a university student. He was impressed with the fantastic color of Giraffe, majestically walking of Giraffe, calm of Giraffe, tallest mammal in the wilderness and wondering how Giraffe was Safe to human being later he visited various parks of  Tanzania and other African counties then witnessed that Giraffe is an animal which is available in most of parks and he decided to come with the idea of travel company (Giraffe Safaris) by believing that Giraffe Safaris is the safe travel, friendly and calm travel company for all world travelers. Believe that by choosing Giraffe Safaris as your local Tanzania and Africa tour operator company you will travel safe, get a friendly offer, and get superb care from our active and responsible team.



We likely to expose our views to our clients that you should choose us as your Tanzania and African travel tour company since we are only tour operator who offer friendly tour packages for Tanzania and other African destinations, We are the ones who take care and listen to the needs and wants of our clients , We are only tour operator who listen to the budget of our clients and to give them all options accordingly, Also we are tour operator who ensure that you enjoy your life time in Tanzania and Africa and being feeling like you are at home.


We are delighted to offer travelers from all over the world African adventures. Giraffe Safari with broad knowledge of in and out about African Adventures we are friendly offering a wide African tours and safari commencing with Kilimanjaro mountain Climbing as we call it The View of Africa, Victoria Falls as we call it Magic pool, excursion holidays, Beach holidays, Wildlife game drive, Desert adventures, Cultural tours and many other  Adventures in the land of Africa.

We  can not wait to expose our intensive recommendation to all travelers world wide to select Giraffe Safari company ltd to plan and take you in the land of Africa for experiencing the taste of African adventures, The only land to experience all BIG FIVE (Lion, Elephants, Leopard, Rhino and buffalo),the only land to experience magic pool and the only land to experience the second highest mountain in the world with every kind of challenge to made it.

As we are African tour company expect to get credible information about our beautiful Africa also expect good price from us to experience the taste of African adventures.


Edwin Kazinja
Managing Director

Marwa Nyamasasi
Mountain Guide

Lazaro Willium
Safari Guide